Plus Size Formal Dresses

Plus Size Formal Dresses

The Perfect Evening Starts With The Perfect Dress!

Plus Size Formal Dresses are a must-have for the full figured woman’s wardrobe. This includes women who live in warm climates as well. You may not think that a southern girl would even want to invest in plus size winter formal dresses but there may come a time or two that she wished she had.


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My cousin is a lovely full figured southern belle who gets to visit friends and family in the north regularly. On one such visit she was invited to an impromptu formal event that she was dying to attend. Unfortunately, it was the dead of winter up here and we had to brave the cold to shop for plus size winter formal dresses for the occasion.

Getting to the stores was not really a problem. I am a wiz at driving in the snow. My cousin is still a little queasy about riding along especially along the steep Pennsylvania hills that challenge my snow tires as well as my driving ability. Nevertheless she apprehensively joined me on my journey to sort thorough winter formal dresses.

Plus Size Formal DressesAfter we had our sub-temperature adventure in the car we gladly entered the warmth of the nearest mall. The stores welcomed us with open doors and we couldn’t wait to see what winter formal dresses they had to offer. There were plenty. In fact there were too many gowns to choose just one. This was not an easy task. We spent the better part of a day sorting through the formal dresses with no luck. It seemed as if the plus size section was dedicated to funerals.

Luck for us we had a few days to find something. So we ventured back home and hit the web. To our delight we found the answer to our prayers. We found gorgeous sexy styles, in the perfect size and in stock. The customer service was excellent and they were able to express mail it so we had it in time.

The dress was as beautiful as it appeared online and the quality was exceptional. So, with much praise, I highly recommend for plus size women. They have a full line of plus size clothes in designer styles that are fabulous!