Dress-Styles For Every Woman

Dress in Full Figure Style !

This Dress-Styles article will give the full figure woman lots of resources for finding beautiful dresses for every occasion and event.

Just because you are a plus sized woman doesn’t mean you can’t wear the latest dress styles. It used to be that dress styles in unflattering colors and styles for plus sized women were the norm. Not so now, a plus sized lady may not have as many clothing choices as her more slender sisters but she still has excellent options. Come with me and I will show where to find the stores that have the dress styles plus sized ladies want.

One of the cheapest places to purchase plus sized clothing is Walmart I know the name has a stigma attached to it, but if you have to look closely, you will usually find at least one or two dress styles you’d like and would want to buy.

Hot Topic has a sister store called Torrid It’s more expensive than Wal-Mart but has a selection that can’t be beat. You can find dress styles in a Goth, edgy sexy look; at a middle of the road price. This store also has reasonably price foundation garments so critical in getting that put together look. What ever is in fashion this store has it.

Fashion Bug Plus is another leader in the clothing market for curvy girls. Their dress styles tend to be on the fancier side. They also have plus sized ladies undergarments but the quality of the goods were not up to my standards. In addition, Fashion Bug’s prices are a little high, and sometimes the fabric is dry clean only. I will say though, I have found some of my best closet gems in this store.

If you live in a larger city you may be in luck. JC Penny’s plus sized clothing section has a lot of options but I have noticed this is mainly in more populated cities. Not only are the dress styles in good taste at a good price; they are made with quality in mind. If you’re really lucky, some stores even have a plus sized ladies lingerie section. The bad news is, smaller towns still have slim pickings in plus sized women dress styles at JC Penny.
Lane & Bryant. is one of the leaders in fashionable clothing for full figured women. They have an elegant appeal that many ladies prefer. The one draw back is that the prices are a little high so if money is a concern it’s best to leave the purchases at this store to special occasions and outfits you cannot live without. This store has foundation garments to go with your outfit. Be sure to look at their catalogue as well as they have different selections in their catalogue than they do in the store. This is because the Lane Bryant Clothing store and the Lane Bryant catalogue are actually two separate companies.

If you look carefully you can find fashionable, plus sized ladies dress styles, in many cities, but I have found the easiest and most fun way to find great value and style is online shopping. You get the benefit of all the plus size selections without the crazy run around. And if you are a savvy shopper, you will find great bargains on designer dresses. Happy Hunting !

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